Adored by many businesses

Travis Charleville
Owner, MSB

Very professional, responsive and creative work! I highly recommend DesignPac for any of your needs of web professionals.

Joseph DeFazio
Founder, OkayRelax

As a startup company we required lots of help with the designs and DesignPac handled all that we needed and wanted.

Alex Ranjha
Principal Attorney, Ranjha Law

We needed a developer for a few improvements in the mobile app that we had developed previously and I’m so glad that we hired a developer from DesignPac. The developer fixed all the problems we were facing and also made the changes what we needed.

SP Milan
Manager, Tara International

I really wanted to bring my company's website to the top searches at Google and now DesignPac has made this so much easier. Now the articles are in the first page of Google and that makes me really happy.

Lil Fats
CEO, Coast2Coast

DesignPac has been designing the artworks and flyers for Coast2Coast LIVE. I am satisfied with their work.

Leon Lim
Founder, MRC

DesignPac has such a great team and they’re there at any hour of the day to help you. Thank you so much! They’ve made my dream come true.

George Brietigam
Film Producer

I couldn’t maintain the social media pages of my new startup so I handed the responsibility to DesignPac's Charlie Team, I’m amazed how my page grew in a few months. There’s good content with good designs in it and it is very well maintained.

NK Thapa
Owner, Oven Fresh

I sent a request to them for a design and was surprised that they reached out to me in less than half an hour plus, I got my first design within almost 6 hours of my request. I loved their work.

Laura Lessey
Marketing Manager, Atlantic Southern Paving

Thank you team DesignPac for helping us turn a boring website to such a wonderful one. I had never imagined our website could be so interactive and so amazing. Your developers are the best. Thank you!

Feuza Reis
Director, Next Level Marketing

I have felt that the team at DesignPac are able to work well under pressure and are able to cope up with emergency situations. They’ve been my savior many a times.