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5 Tips for Successful Digital Marketing
Nowadays, more and more companies are turning to the digital world. Apart from those that have been evolving for some time now. Especially since in recent years, consumers are more connected thanks to technological advances. Traditional marketing has adapted, hence the evolution of certain practices to comply with current digital marketing. Here are 5 tips for a successful
Social Media Marketing: Grow Your Business through Internet
Can social media be a tool to increase your market share? What actually is social media marketing? Let’s learn a few social media marketing tips today! Being active on social media, and executing simple social media marketing tips & tricks can help you grow your business. Digital revolution has already begun to change each and
The Best SEO Strategies that will be Effective in 2018
Search Engine Optimization is a process of boosting online visibility of your website on search engine results. It emphasizes on improving the awareness of your website in the search engines and hence is more than a marketing discipline that focuses on the betterment of the website. It comprises of many aspects such as the number
Methods to Improve your e-commerce Business
In case you have an e-commerce business, you may have to conduct online market researchers as well. With the advent of technology, it has become essential for your business to develop in its e-commerce ideas. It doesn’t matter how your idea or business strategy is. You should always take the time to evaluate the market
DesignPac: Leading Graphic Design Agency from Nepal
Leading graphic design agency from Nepal Before starting a graphic design agency in Nepal, Suman Jung was a freelance designer who used to earn handsomely. But, he slowly started to feel that freelancing is not that secure job. So, he thought of co-founding a graphic design agency together with brother Pujan Adhikary, and provide a
6 lies from SEO agencies

6 lies from SEO agencies

Controlling search engine positioning is an arduous and risky task. While the research, trial and error, and some clues by Matt Cutts. He has guided us along the way, there are a lot of dubious SEO agencies. That cheat those customers who do not have technical knowledge and trust naively. Do you want to make
What You Can Learn from 6 companies Who Growth Hacked Their Way to Massive Success in Their Startup Days
Famous companies like Paypal, Airbnb, and Uber are notorious for their ‘’Growth Hacks’’ Some of the businesses we have grown to love employed smart yet borderline unethical strategies in their early startup days when they were struggling to grow. Most worked and the companies grew to be worth billions of dollars. Below are some of
SEO – An Important Part of Digital Marketing Strategy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more important in one’s online marketing strategy. Basically, it is how to rank high in Google and be in its first page organically (not paid). I mentioned Google specifically because it is the favorite search engine with 80% of internet users worldwide. So with thousands of competition
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