Frequently Asked Questions

In case of any unsolved questions, you can use the following form to ask a question. We will reply within 24hrs.

Unlimited Design? Is it for sure?

Here Unlimited stands for no limit to your creativity. You can send as many design request as you need. If you are not delighted with any of the design concepts, you can make limitless revisions to that concept without any extra charge. We work for your designs in a monthly flat fee, no extra fee, no hidden charges to access our services.

Do you work on the weekends?

No, we also have some fun during weekends. But we will work if there is any request of expediting.

Ok I’m in, but how quickly can I get my design work from you?

The maximum timeframe for the each task is 3 days (a lot of things can be done). Normally, we take 1 business day to complete the task. We never take 3 days for simple 5 mins jobs like color or text changes. The task will take 3 days of time only if there is any big thing on the board like website design or Mobile App designs.

Does your service provide User Interface design too?

We also provide design services on User Interface designs for Web and Mobile app. You can take the advantage of our web and mobile user interface design service.

OK, I liked your service so what do I do after signing up?

After you signup one of our team member will assist you with the further process. We have some platform where we will discuss about your design work and assign you with a dedicated designer for your design work.

I run multiple businesses, So you guys will be still making designs for my different brands?

Undoubtedly! We'd love to work on your multiple brand designs.

Are there restrictions to the types of design work that you do?

We're known for designs, if your request is for a static graphic design we'll complete the work in a given time frame. This means that we don’t do video editing, animations, CAD, 3D work, magazine design, programming and coding. If in doubt, feel free to ask us before signing up.

I am an agency, can I resell the work completed?

Yes, as you own all rights to the work, you can resell it as you see fit. If anything, this would be perfect to pick up the smaller pieces of work to free up bigger projects for your team.

Monthly flat fee! Really?? There must be something else hidden?

Its hard to trust but it's GENUINE. No Contracts. No Hidden Charges. No Hourly Rates Just monthly Flat Fee. For all your design works

How does unlimited revisions work?

If in case you are not satisfied with our initial design or the concept of the design, the revision for the design starts and goes till the design is not satisfactory for you.

48 hrs turnaround? Isn't it lengthy?

It depends on the design request you have sent for. If the design is simple it takes some couple of hours and if the design work is complex it might take a business day or 2 but what ever the work complexity be you will get it within 2 days for max.